User Interface

Implements your own methods

MARS supports the capability of creating custom versions of the code which incorporate user defined lists and/or user defined objects, such as material models, contact models, special functions, etc. Users can write their own classes for implementing new methodologies within the MARS framework using a very simple but flexible user interface. There is no limit to the number or complexity of the new features that can be introduced into the code; it is even possible to create and use alternate time integration schemes.

MARS user interface is the most versatile available on the market. Users have the freedom of implementing any possible algorithm, even their own solver while taking advantage of the large variety of methods and classes available in MARS. Some knowledge of Object Oriented Programming and of the C++ language is required. Registered customers can find examples here.

User’s testimonials

“I used the User Interface of MARS to implement an extended version of the LDPM framework accounting for damage induced by Alkali Silica Reaction (ASR) my overall experience was excellent and I was able to focus on my ASR research without the need of implementing LDPM from scratch.”

— Mohammed Al-Naggar, PhD Candidate, CEE Department, Northwestern University.

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