ES3 is an equal opportunity employer, actively promoting a diverse mix of staff members with varied educational and work experiences. We offer equal opportunities to all qualified persons without regard to race, sex, religion, national origin, age, or disability. Some of our positions may require US Citizenship or security clearances.


We believe in matching staff member’s strengths with the appropriate work assignment—as individual performers, team members, or team leaders. ES3 actively encourages and enables continuing education and the strengthening of specific skills.


Our total compensation plan is very aggressive and enables us to attract and retain high quality staff. We offer competitive salaries that are market-based. Our annual leave plan is generous and cumulative—enabling our employees to plan for extended vacations or educational sabbaticals. We have bonus as well as profit sharing incentives for our staff.


The specific insurance plans vary slightly for each of ES3’s company locations, however, all employees are offered a choice of several benefit rich, company paid medical insurance plans requiring only a minimal employee paid contribution—regardless of individual or family coverage. Enrollment is immediate and includes options designed to maximize the choice of doctors and hospitals available to our staff. In addition, ES3 offers a variety of other insurance coverage options (which also vary for each of ES3’s company location) such as Dental, Vision, Life, Disability, Death or Dismemberment, work-related Auto Insurance, and Global Travel Insurance.

Retirement Savings
ES3 has a fully qualified 401(k) plan. Enrollment is effective within 30-60 days. ES3 matches dollar for dollar funds up to 8% of each employee’s before tax salary into the 401(k) plan. In addition, our plan allows deferment of up to 17.5% of an employee’s before tax salary. Thus, the maximum 401(k) participation can be 25.5% of the employees salary. The ES3 401(k) plan accounts are managed by Charles Schwab and allows employees to direct their 401(k) investments on-line.
Paid Leave
ES3 offers ten paid holidays per year and a paid time off (PTO) program which accrues and starts at 18 days per year for the first three years, increases to 23 days per year after the third year of service, and increases again to 28 days per year after the sixth year of service. An employee’s PTO balance is cumulative, will roll over from year to year, and can be cashed in at any time.
Continuing Education
A state-of-the art workforce is essential to ES3’s continuing business. We have a continuing education program to help improve the skills of both the employee and the company. ES3 may deem it necessary for individual employees to pursue further education. We may sponsor advanced degrees with thesis topics in disciplines of interest to us and our customer base. ES3 also offers varying levels of tuition reimbursement for many education programs pursued for an individual’s own growth and career advancement. These reimbursements are, however, subject to federal income tax. Finally, ES3 actively supports keeping skill sets current with new hardware and software products. We sponsor enrollment in appropriate certification programs or attendance at specialized courses.
Student Program
Some of ES3’s highest contributors have been student workers. ES3 is proud to employ junior and senior level undergraduate students seeking degrees in engineering and computer science. We work with our student employees to coordinate their schedules and hours around their required course work.
Work Environment
ES3 staff members are extremely efficient and effective during their workday by having:
  • state-of-the-art equipment as required (latest versions of hardware/software, fast data connections and robust backup processing)
  • a modern work environment (flexible hours when possible and complete office portability with laptops and cell phones),
  • support for professional growth (sponsoring of technical papers, attendance at conferences, and participation in technical societies and associations) and
  • continued training (courses and classes towards accredited professional degrees, certifications, and to improve proficiency).


Our staff members deserve the respect of a productive work environment and our customers ultimately benefit by the quality and quantity of our output. We have made this a key component to our strategy for attracting and retaining exceptional staff.


ES3 also strives to promote a healthy, family-friendly social environment. We encourage and sometimes sponsor activities outside the office for those employees and their families interested in sporting events, parties, picnics, and community service.

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