Become A Supplier

If you are interested in becoming a supplier to ES3, please submit information about your company’s services and/or products to

If you are specifically interested in suppling aircraft landing gear parts (primarily under Federal Supply Class (FSC) 1620 and 1630), please visit the Parts Supply section of our website. There you can learn about the Landing Gear Collaborative Supply Chain Integration (LG-CSCI) contract, how to bid on LG-CSCI orders for landing gear parts, and view all open and past solicitations.

ES3 understands the importance of a healthy industrial supply chain and has developed standard Terms and Conditions (T&C’s) that are fair and mutually beneficial. Here you can download a copy of the ES3 Standard T&C’s. ES3 will consider requests to modify our standard T&C’s should a modification be appropriate to meet the requirements for the particular purchase order.

ES3 Standard T&C’s

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If this is your first time doing business with ES3, ES3 will need you to complete an IRS Form W-9 before we can issue you a purchase order.

W-9 Form

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Once ES3 issues you a purchase order, ES3 will work with you to establish Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) for the prompt and secure payment of your invoices. Here, you can download the ES3 EFT Authorization form which, once completed and returned, will enable ES3 to initiate a funds transfer directly into your bank account, enabling the fastest and most secure payment. During the COVID pandemic, ES3 transitioned to a nearly 100% paperless payment of all suppliers, subcontractors, and vendors.

EFT Authorization

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US Government Business

If you are interested in being a subcontractor/supplier to ES3 in support of ES3’s business with the US Government, ES3 will need to have your company’s Representations and Certifications (Reps & Certs). A Reps & Certs Form must be completed in its entirety, signed by a company representative who is authorized to contractually bind the company, and returned to ES3. Please download and complete the appropriate Reps & Certs Form from the following choices.

Reps & Certs Form for Companies Registered with

If your company anticipates a Purchase Order from ES3 ≥ $10K and you have a currently active registration with, you can complete a greatly reduced Reps and Certs Form.

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Reps & Certs Form for Companies Not Registered with

If your company currently does not have and active registration with and you anticipate a Purchase Order from ES3 ≥ $10K you will have to complete the 21-page Reps and Certs Form.

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Please submit your completed and signed Reps & Certs Form by emailing it to If you prefer to submit an encrypted and password-protected Reps & Certs Form, please do so and follow up by providing us with the password via email at or via voice or text to 619-338-0380.

Some of ES3’s US Government business requires ES3 to comply with the Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act (FFATA). When FFATA applies, ES3 is required to obtain a completed FFATA Form from our suppliers for purchase orders ≥ $30K. Please note that many companies find the FFATA form intrusive because it may require disclosure of executive compensation. However, it is the law if your company meets the qualifications. Many companies do not reach this reporting threshold and can satisfy the FFATA requirement by simply checking such boxes as your company does not reach the $25M in annual qualified business with the US Government or your company is publicly traded and therefore files all necessary disclosures with the Securities and Exchange Commission. ES3 can help you determine what sections of the FFATA Form you will need to complete. Provided is a copy of the FFATA Form.


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