Chrome Replacement

HVOF as an Environmentally Responsible Alternative to Chrome Plating

Traditional chrome plating lines produce one of the worst environmental waste streams—hexavalent chrome. Modern and environmentally friendly alternatives are available through High Velocity Oxygenated Fuel (HVOF) coating processes, which are capable of depositing a large variety of materials onto many substrates including high strength steels. These processes are optimized and particularly well-suited for applications requiring wear, heat, and corrosion resistance or dimensional restoration-applications typical for aircraft structural components which have been traditionally hard-chrome plated.

ES3 maintains a state-of-the-art HVOF facility along with engineering and testing staff to define component-specific parameters and procedures for applying advanced surface solutions.

HVOF enables elimination of hexavalent chrome waste streams in the manufacture of many aerospace structural components.

Advancing Aerospace Technologies for More Than 20 Years