Chemical Free Stripping Techniques

An Environmentally Preferred Alternative to Chemical Wet Bath Stripping

Traditionally, plated and thermal sprayed coatings are stripped via wet chemical baths which present environmental, health and safety concerns. Additionally, chemical stripping baths can potentially damage component base metals, limiting repairability.

A new processing technique under development is Forced Pulsed Waterjet (FPWJ) stripping. Unlike traditional Ultra High Pressure Waterjet (UHPWJ), FPWJ using a modulated stream of water flowing through a specially designed nozzle. The efficacy of the system stems from the surges of pressure generated by the water pulsation, which are considerably higher than the stagnation pressure of a continuous waterjet.

FPWJ effectively removes inorganic (plating and thermo sprayed plasma and HVOF) coatings as well as organic coatings (rubbers, phenolics, sealers, paints/primers) from a wide array of substrates including high strength and low strength steels as well as Inconel® and Tribaloy® without inducing any dimensional or other change to the substrate.

FPWJ can eliminate hydrogen embrittlement or arc burn damage concerns while bringing processing times down from days to hours.

Chrome plated rod being FPWJ stripped.

Chrome plated rod being FPWJ stripped.

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