Political activity can strengthen US aerospace communities

ES3 PAC is a “connected” or “corporate” Political Action Committee. It was formed by ES3 in 2008. It obtained multicandidate status in 2009. ES3 PAC is a tax exempt 527 organization registered with the Federal Elections Committee (FEC). The mission of ES3 PAC is to strengthen US aviation communities by supporting those legislators whose work promotes safe, efficient, and environmentally sound laws and policies for private, commercial, and military aviation.

Aerospace has a very positive impact on the US economy.

For nearly a century, the US Government has implemented legislation that has enabled the US aviation industry to become a global leader. The federal support and protections provided to the US aerospace industry has reaped large benefits for the US economy. Today, the Aerospace Industries Association (AIA) reports that the US Aerospace & Defense sector provides:

  • 1.65 % of the total nominal US Gross Domestic Product (GDP) or $418 billion on economic value 
  • 1.47% of the US’s total employment base or $240 billion in employee compensation
  • Employment wages that are 55% higher than the US average
  • An impressive positive trade balance of over $77 billion
Elephant walk of 52 F-35s at Hill Air Force Base

Aviation communities should be a top priority.

Many communities within the US are home to:

  • Commercial airports
  • Private sector maintenance, repair, and overhaul operators
  • Military bases with air operations, and
  • Military depots with maintenance, repair, & overhaul operations.

Such aviation communities disproportionately deal with the environmental ramifications of the aviation industry. These communities are impacted not only by air operations but also by the industrial processes that support aircraft  maintenance, repair, and overhaul. ES3 PAC specifically advocates for these aviation communities.

Our aviation communities deserve committed advocates.

Many Federal Government dollars support the US aviation industry to ensure the US remains a leader in global aviation. Additionally, federally funded initiatives must focus on our aviation impacted communities. ES3 PAC advocates for initiatives that focus on minimizing the negative environmental impact on our aviation-hub communities while also ensuring that the vast majority of economic enrichment from federal dollars remains within these aviation-hub communities.

Advancing Aerospace Technologies for More Than 20 Years