MARS Solver

MARS is a special purpose computational framework developed by ES3inc for the purpose performing Multiphysics Analyses of the Response of Structures that offers practicing engineers as well as researchers a number of unique features.


MARS has been developed in a modular way, making use of  C++ for its capabilities with abstraction, encapsulation, inheritance, and polymorphism


Many of the most significant construction materials are heterogenous at the relevant length scale, undergo aging processes resulting in micro-structural changes.

Aerospace Applications

Composite structures provide the aerospace industry with increased aircraft range, strength, and safety while reducing development and manufacturing lead times and costs. 

Development and Operating Platforms

The MARS framework has been developed in C++ making use of advanced object orientated programming features such as polymorphism and inheritance.

Sales and

US Government agencies, academic / research institution, or commercial users interested in aerospace, marine, or automotive applications, please contact ES3 directly

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