Privacy Matters

ES3 takes very seriously the protection of your company proprietary and individual personal data. Company proprietary data includes data not in the public domain that is marked and considered as company trade secret, copyrighted, patented, or in some way protected from use by others. Personal private data includes but is not limited to the names, addresses, phone numbers, and correspondence that we have collected from individuals who represent our customers and suppliers or those inquiring about ES3’s products and services. At ES3 we treat the proprietary data of others in our possession and the personal data of those who interface with ES3 as Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI).

Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) at ES3

Storage of CUI at ES3 is only handled in one of the following authorized locations or methods:

  • ES3 provided, managed, and controlled computer systems that have been properly hardened and protected using strong encryption methods, intrusion detection applications, two factor authentication access controls, and rigorous virus and malware detection software.
  • ES3 provided Microsoft Office 365 Government Community Cloud (GCC) High One-Drive and SharePoint file storage locations using two factor authentication access controls.

Transmission of CUI is only handled using ES3’s email system hosted on Microsoft Office 365 GCC High controlled servers, including internal and external high encryption capabilities. ES3 staff are regularly reminded of the requirement to safeguard access to, storage, and transmission of CUI data.

In this age of rising cybercrime, ES3 is continuously reviewing, testing, and improving our cybersecurity systems. Cookie Policy

ES3 does not collect data from cookies from those visiting our website. Instead, we obtain metrics about our website from third-party service providers such as Ionos or Google. We use the data obtained from these third-party service providers to improve the user experience of our website only.

Email or LinkedIn Inquiries

ES3 treats all inquiries received via email or LinkedIn as CUI data. Personal data such as names, phone numbers, addresses, and interest in ES3 are compiled and maintained by ES3 only so we can properly respond to your inquiry and hopefully do business with you moving forward. ES3 never sells your private data.

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