How to Bid on LG-CSCI Orders

Fair Policies, Prompt Payment, and Improved Buy Forecasts

We suggest you start by reviewing the LG-CSCI Contract Overview page of our website, downloading the parts list, and determining if there are parts your company would like to supply. Many LG-CSCI components and consumables are often US Government g-coded and require no pre-qualification of the manufacturing source. Other components, subassemblies, and assemblies do require qualification of the supplying source. Whether you have provided parts to the US Government in the past or you are a potentially new supplier interested in securing some of this workload, we want to hear from you. ES3 engineering, quality, and inspection staff can assist you with forecasting orders, bid preparation, and if applicable, development of qualification packages for approval and fabrication of first articles for inspection. For more information, contact us at ES3 PLG implements purchasing policies and procedures that are compliant with the Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA) Contractor Purchasing System Review (CSPR) Guidebook. As such, ES3 PLG has established competitive bid and award procedures so we can select, negotiate, and award to the supplier who provides the best value solution in regard to part quality, production lead times, and price. Here you can download:
  • The LG-CSCI Bid & Award Terms for you to review, sign, and return so we know you will comply with the LGCSCI bidding and data handling requirements.
  • A Representations & Certification Form for you to complete and return to us so that you can be placed on the bidders list.
  • Terms and Conditions (T&C) for you to review, sign, and return so we know you understand and accept the T&Cs that will accompany any resulting order placed with your company
  • An ACH/EFT Form for you to complete and return so that ES3 PLG can rapidly pay your invoices using Electronic Funds Transfer (ETF) mechanisms such as Automated Clearing House (ACH) for US based companies.
Bid & Award Terms
Reps & Certs Form
Terms & Conditions
EFT Authorization

Once you are ready to bid on LG-CSCI workload, please visit our Open Solicitations page. The Open Solicitations page is updated each business day and lists all LG-CSCI parts for which ES3 PLG is soliciting bids.

Intellectual and business proprietary data is crucial to every part supplier’s business success. ES3 can assure you that we are absolutely no threat to your business’s competitive position. We will never directly compete with you. We will never disclose any data about your company, your processes, or your pricing to other companies or our other suppliers. If you would like a signed assurance, we are happy to execute a formal Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with your company. You can download our standard NDA for LG-CSCI here:

Nondisclosure Agreement

Simply complete and sign the NDA and return it to us at Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns regarding the NDA or other aspects of the LG-CSCI process.

ES3 PLG is committed to being diligent and principled in all our business dealings. You will find us to be a very good prime contractor for your company to do business with.

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