Landing Gear


ES3 provides technical expertise in all aspects of landing gear systems research, test and evaluation, design and analysis, repair and maintenance. ES3 staff has an exceptional history and understanding of landing gear issues, problem components, and promising technologies. Specifically, our capabilities and support services encompass:


  • Landing gear structural components;
  • Material science to include new material development;
  • Hydraulic and steering systems;
  • Policies and regulations for management of landing gear systems, including their technical and reprocurement part data and the software which manages that data;
  • Manufacturing processes for landing gear components including all aspects of the procurement supply chain;
  • Repair and overhaul processes for landing gear systems, including the review, verification, and modification of new processes for improved system sustainment;
    Strategies for proactive and targeted quality assurance and six sigma practices;
  • Advanced analytical methods to include structural mechanics for static and dynamic modeling

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