F-16 Structural Integrity Inspection Services

ES3 provides Structure Integrity Inspection Services to verify aircraft configuration, airframe enhancements and overall structural airworthiness. Inspection items are determined primarily by safety impact, and necessity for continued flight operations and to assess potential modifications that will maximize aircraft service life. Primary focus items pertain to Falcon Unos Programmum (UP), Falcon Structural Augmentation Roadmap (STAR) and other structural modification Engineering Change Plans (ECPs).


The completed inspections yield a formal assessment document for each individual aircraft. This assessment report is a standalone document which defines the current aircraft configuration including clarification of which complete or partial structural modifications have been performed, and clear details about those modifications. It also assesses the overall airworthiness and structural viability of the aircraft in its current state.

ES3 developed this inspection service to assist F-16 users in deciding whether to modify, condemn, sell, or purchase F-16 aircraft.

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