F-16 Capabilities

ES3 has extensive structural engineering and repair experience in support of the F-16 platform, supporting a wide range of operators in both the United States and in Foreign Military Sales (FMS) markets.  ​

ES3 provides services for F-16 sustainment including engineering assessment, modifications, upgrades, inspections, repairs and enhancements.  Our inspection services include structural and electrical assessments as well as on-site support for any Time Compliance Technical Order (TCTO) or major repair related to the airframe. ES3 has been providing support for the F-16 weapon system for more than 15 years and ES3 Staff are experienced in design, engineering analysis, overall airworthiness and structural viability of the platform. Our top three staff members have more than 70 years in combined engineering experience resolving F-16 deficiencies.

ES3 helps ensure your F-16 fleet is airworthy and structurally safe.

ES3 provides the following F-16 major services as well as providing a variety of engineering assessments and major structural repairs:
  • Wing Overhaul for Pre or Post Block configuration
  • Structural Integrity Inspection services
  • Canopy Sill Longeron repair or replacement
  • Horizontal Stabilizer Inboard Beam repair
  • Upper & Lower Bulkhead radius blending
  • FS 341 Bulkhead Main Landing Gear Lug repair 
  • Upper Flange Doubler installation
  • Wing Attach Hole Bushing repair
  • Major structural modifications (Falcon STAR)
  • Heavy Maintenance Support
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5. F-16 Structural Inspection 2 1920x1080

ES3 provides on-site repair services through Contractor Field Team support.

The ES3 F-16 MRO Team includes many former USAF F-16 engineers who have authored and approved many of the repairs in use today and many former USAF F-16 maintainers with decades of experience performing inspections and repairs.

For more information and to connect with the ES3 F-16 Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO) Team, please contact us via email at F-16Services@es3inc.com or via phone at 801-928-2745.

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