Advancing Aerospace Technologies for More Than 20 Years


ES3 is a niche engineering firm providing specialized design, development, and fabrication of products for aerospace and other heavy industry sectors. In 2020 we celebrated our 20th anniversary. With immense gratitude, we thank our many customers who directly or indirectly sponsor the technology development responsible for our business growth.

ES3 has a purposeful business mission–to improve the performance, maintenance, and supply of mission-critical and safety-of-flight components while reducing the environmental impact of aerospace production processes and the hazardous exposures of aviation maintenance crews.

ES3 operates more than 200,000 square feet of customized office, laboratory, and production facilities in seven locations including San Diego, California, Clearfield, Utah, Warner Robins, Georgia, Midwest City, Oklahoma, and Vienna, Austria.

Our Facilities

System Design and Redesign

ES3 provides technical expertise in all aspects of landing gear systems research, test and evaluation, design and analysis, repair and maintenance. Our integrated team of mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, and logisticians performing research and development, test and evaluation, as well as performance qualification of new wheel, brake, and antiskid configurations. Additionally, ES3 provides aircraft operators with a full array of aircraft structural integrity support. And this is just the beginning. Click below to see our full array of engineering capabilities.

Environmental Initiatives

ES3 is determined to find Environmentally Preferred Alternatives to some of the traditionally corrosive ways for solving aerospace maintenance and repairs. ES3 maintains a state-of-the-art facility along with engineering and testing staff to define component-specific parameters and procedures for applying advanced surface solutions as alternatives to coatings such as chrome or cadmium. High Velocity Oxygenated Fuel (HVOF) coating processes, for example, are optimized and particularly well-suited for applications requiring wear, heat, and corrosion resistance or dimensional restoration-applications typical for aircraft structural components.

Testing, Diagnostics, & Analysis

ES3 testing staff, facilities, and instrumentation enables us to design and implement customized tests to isolate issues and support system and component redesigns. ES3 static test capabilities include such standards as tension, compression, shear, bearing, flexure, biaxial, and creep as well as more sophisticated multivariable testing customize designed to simulate and measure specific phenomena of interest. ES3 also performs fatigue forensic inspection, digital fatigue analysis, and fatigue simulation as needed to support all new component designs or component redesigns.

Maintenance, Repair, & Overhaul

ES3’s industry leading staff includes aerospace, civil, electrical, and mechanical engineers, as well as aircraft A&P licensed mechanics, avionic, logistics and ground support personnel capable of performing many aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul services that you might require for military and commercial aircraft and support systems. ES3 also maintains several FAA certified structural DER’s.

ES3 provides services to support military and commercial fixed-wing and rotary wing aircraft. Our sustainment services include modifications, upgrades, and enhancements, including structural and electrical modifications to aircraft as well as avionics upgrades. We also provide maintenance and repair, as well as logistical support for spares, aircraft systems, subsystems, and components.

Advancing Aerospace Technologies for More Than 20 Years