The SbAST Contracting Vehicle

ES3 is one of six prime contractors on the US Air Force Small Business Acquisition & Sustainment Tool (SbAST) contract.

ES3’s SbAST team includes over 200+ experienced A&P licensed mechanics and technicians located in 18 nationwide stations with mobile aircraft maintenance contractor field teams (CFTs) providing service to neighboring airports in the continental United States or to any worldwide location outside the continental US.

The ES3 team provides planned or unscheduled line maintenance (such as routine inspections, overnight checks, seasonal maintenance); programmed & un-programmed depot maintenance (such as heavy check, major/minor repairs); integration/modifications (such as custom modifications, re-engineering of avionics); and cleaning services as required per individual tasks.

All SbAST activities are managed from our Southeast Operations facility. Contact either Jay Randolph or Fred Laguinesif you are interested in any subcontracting opportunities.

The ES3 Team meets or exceeds all program requirements for facilities, certifications, and processes.


      • Hangar
        • Sufficient space available to support government personnel
        • Peculiar ground handling equipment to support C-130
      • Storage
        • Appropriate storage media for aircraft parts and data
        • Ample shelf space
        • Wash racks
      • Backshops
        • Aircraft weighing
        • Battery
        • Brakes and tires/wheels
        • Electrical
        • Fuel & Oil
        • Hydraulics
        • Oxygen
        • Control tower
        • Runway
        • Ramp space
      • Certifications 
        • Certifications
        • ISO 9001:2000 or later
        • CMMI 3-SEI
        • NDI Qualified
        • Ground Engine Run Qualified
        • Aircraft Alignment & Symmetry/Wing Joint Planarity Check Qualified
        • Fastener Hole Cold-work Qualified
      • Processes
        • Workload planning & scheduling
        • Parts ordering/handling
        • FOD and tool control plans
        • Hazardous Material Management Plan