Structural Health Monitoring Systems

Since 2012, ES3 has been developing landing gear Structural Health Monitoring Systems (SHMS) in collaboration with the US Navy, US Air Force, commercial operators and an OEM.  Today, ES3 has successfully tested our system on four fixed wing and rotorcraft platforms. We have performed qualification tests, completed flight test/certification on one aircraft, and delivered production units that are currently fielded and performing well on operational aircraft. The ES3 SHMS is custom configurable to provide and display such conditions as:

      • Aircraft/Rotorcraft Gross Weight
      • Aircraft/Rotocraft Balance
      • Conditioned Based Maintenance
        • Strut Servicing
        • Hard Landings
        • Brake Temperature Monitoring
        • Historical Data (via display or data output)

The ES3 SHMS requires no modification to the landing gear strut assemblies.  It can be retrofit onto existing aircraft. The control unit has ARINC 429 output compatibility for transmitting information to an existing cockpit display.

ES3_CCU Image UpdateII

Central Control Unit (CCU)

      • Integrated Display (Color or NVIS)
      • Diagnostic Unit
      • ARINC 429 Output
      • Built-in Test
      • Sortie Data Storage
      • High Reliability

Servicing Manifold Assembly (SMA)

      • Integrates Schrader Valve
      • Hermetically Sealed Sensor
      • No Strut Modification Required
      • High Reliability

Remote Data Concentrator (RDC)

      • Size, Weight, & Power Optimized (0.65 lb)
      • Precise Sensor Data collection
      • High Speed Data Transmission
      • High Reliability
      • Sensor Expansion Capability

For more information about the ES3 SHMS, including On-Board Weight and Balance Systems (OBWS), please contact